Bruce park netball club has been around for over forty years. It begun as a small club who played their games with the football.

Where ever the Frankston Rovers played we did. At this time we were part of the Mornington Peninsula League. Back then families had to travel all over the Peninsula. The club was a no fuss club and uniforms were often made from any materials you could find at home the only stipulation was a white collar. The club kept going through the years due to many mothers and players who were simply dedicated to the great game of netball. In July of 1985 Bruce Park became affiliated with Frankston Netball.

Around this time we aquired the Bruce Park courts and house that has since been demolished this was on Margate Avenue, Frankston. These courts were used for many years and some great netballers were founded on those very courts.

Today we have had to move our club to Jubilee Park as the surfaces on the courts became dangerous. Over the years some things have changed such as uniforms, training premises and committees. Still other things stay the same, such as the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful and dedicated parents and of course the outstanding girls who we get to spend the winter with.The commitee hopes to see Bruce Park grow every year and we welcome all new faces.

We are a friendly and approachable club with a commitee who appreciates any good ideas or views. At the end of the day we are all there for the same reason and that is so our girls can be fit, make new friends (friendships which can last a long time even out of netball) and just to simply have fun.